Grenada Tourism Tradeshow
A large contingent of travel agents and media turned out for the Pure Grenada, Spice of the Caribbean promotion at the Savannah Beach Hotel on Thursday April 25, 2019. The GTA along with hotel partners and tour operators were on hand for an evening of food, drink and entertainment by Grenadian born Leigh Phillips followed by an in depth presentation on the unique selling points of the destination.
Heat Magazine Article Mar 2019
With a life devoted to music, family, and following her passions, Ashleigh "Leigh" Phillips is not slowing down, she is only getting started. Over the years, the Honey Jam veteran has seen her singing career expand far beyond our Barbados market, with opportunities to sing abroad in Canada and elsewhere, in the pursuit of her dreams to reach the very top of where her talents can take her. This week, she sat down with Heat to talk about her career, and what we can expect from her coming months
Oistins Festival Teaser Review
Another member of that organisation who wowed the patrons with her diversity was Leigh Phillips. She delivered some of her trademark jazzy numbers, but highlighted her fun-loving side with the upbeat "Coconut Oil"
Faith Callender's Album Launch
Kudos must also be given to the producers Noise Boyz and some of the co-writers such as Rhea Layne, Leigh Phillips, Ayana John and Kris Fields who are responsible for some of the crafty lyrics heard from start to finish.
Honey Jazz 2019 Review
Leigh Phillips, who has more experience than some of her counterparts, was at complete ease with her offerings.
Perfect Night of Music
The grand setting of the Clifton Hall Great House, St. John, provided the perfect ambience for "A Night of Music" with Leigh Phillips recently. Patrons at the sold-out event were thrilled by the sensational and talented young Bajan artiste. Her vocals brought to life the historic location, which has been featured in a number of publications as one of the island's oldest great houses.
A Jammin' Honey Jazz Gala
Well known Honey Jazz alumna and esteemed Barbadian vocalist, Leigh Phillips, seduced the audience as she stood in a blinding sequined dress and performed Black Coffee (My Sunday Dreams to Dry) and Anita Baker’s Caught Up in the Rapture in the second half.
A Night of Music
Last Saturday was a night the patrons of "A Night of Music with Leigh Phillips" should want to remember. And thanks to the star of the event they soon won't forget... By the time she was singing the final song Green Light by John Legend no one seemed ready to go and they asked for an encore.
Honey Jam 2018 Review
Honey Jazz Promo for the January Jazz Gala featured Leigh Phillips doing a sentimental sweet duet with Kweku Jelani on the Nat King Cole song “Unforgettable”. The jazz world has been honouring Cole during the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Honey Jam 2018 Launch
Honey Jam alums Adaeze, Faith and Leigh Phillips spoke to the artistes about their journey and how much they learned while being a part of the show. All three will do special features during the show, which comes off tomorrow.
Taste of the Danforth Article
Barbadian entertainer Leigh is gearing up to hit the stage in Toronto at the NXNE Showcase during the Taste of the Danforth Festival this weekend.

The annual festival celebrates Danforth's Greek heritage and is said to be one of the biggest street festivals, attracting 1.6 million visitors daily that also take in the diverse cultures found in Canada.
Earmilk Review Dislocated Love
Grenadian-born singer-songwriter Leigh Phillips thrills us with her sophomore release titled "Dislocated Love". Blending soul, pop, jazz elements alongside her Caribbean roots, Leigh Phillips bring a very unique touch to her songs. Her commanding vocals cascade the equally engulfing somber backdrop as she dwells on the complexities of a broken relationship. Get the audio on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal
Club One New Releases
Entertainer Leigh and a band of talented musicians are off to Newfoundland to represent Barbados as a part of the Club One New Releases Canadian TV series. Each season of the television show, musicians are selected from Canada and the Caribbean to participate in the international musical showcase.

During the process, each artiste had to perform original music and tell producers about their musical journey.
Leigh Phillips is Standing Tall
Ashleigh Phillips embraces all of her scars. In fact, from her adolescent years, the 27-year old has chronicled her life experiences in a journal, and many of these writings are crafted into songs – like the ones on her debut EP Leigh, which was released in September.

And rather than conceal her lifelong battle with scoliosis, the singer/songwriter, whose stage name is Leigh, has used the painful experience as a source of inspiration.
10.5 Things about Leigh Phillips
7. What's your daily mantra?

Speak what you want for your life into existence.
Honey Jazz Review B'dos Today
Leigh Phillips was equally captivating during her performances of Hey Big Spender with the Riddim Tribe dancers and Cheek to Cheek. There was even a dash of Spanish flavour, as she thrilled the audience with Mas Que Nada
Honey Jazz 2018 Review
Leigh Phillips was also a star of the night, as she appeared on numerous occasions, each time with a dazzling outfit. She took on classics Cheek To Cheek, Mas Que Neda, and Hey Big Spender, accompanied by Riddim Tribe dancers.
Zeitgeist Entertainment Feature
Leigh Phillips, born Ashleigh Phillips, is a Barbadian singer-songwriter, independent artist and Honey Jam Barbados alum. On December 12th, she learned that she will be the Barbadian artist selected to represent Barbados on the Canadian TV series Club One New Releases. Of the opportunity she said: “I am so excited and grateful to be chosen out of so many talented artists! I can’t wait to represent Barbados, make new connections, expand the reach of my brand and learn from the experience."
A Loveleigh Journey
She is both love-Leigh in name and love-Leigh in nature. Twenty-seven year old Ashleigh ‘Leigh’ Phillips has dropped her three-track EP into the laps of listeners, gracing them with her soulful sounds, as a mere introduction into her musical journey.
Gine on Magazine: Artist Peeps
Video interview with Empress Zingha of Gine On Mag.
LIAT's Zing Magazine Feature
Born in Grenada, raised in Barbados, soulful singer-songwriter Leigh Phillips is inspired by the whole Caribbean
Grenadian Voice Newspaper
She Caribbean Mag Feature
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